Helinox Chair One Mini | Version Ultra-légère et Ultra-compacte de la Chair One, Parfaite pour Les Enfants – Ne pèse Que 500 g (Black)

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Frame: Dac Th72m Aluminium
Height: 44cm
Minimum Weight: 0.4500

With the Chair One mini now also your kids can enjoy the comfort of a small foldable chair for the outdoors. The small packsize and very low weight make the Chair One Mini an absolute must have for every kid that loves cycling, hiking and camping. The shock corded pole design makes set up quick and easy. The frame is made by DAC, the leading manufacturer of tent poles, Helinox products incorporate many of the advanced features and quality found in our DAC tent poles. DAC Frame Easy to clean seat 3 years warranty Easy and quick set up Low weight Very small packsize Holds up to 120 Kg Frame has been treated by own exclusive ‘green anodizing’ process to preserve the appearance of the frame over time without the use of toxic acids
Frame: Dac Th72m Aluminium
Height: 44cm
Minimum Weight: 0.4500
Pack Size: 25x10x8cm
Packed Weight: 0,500

This post was originally published on 31/08/2020.

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