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Einsatzbereich: Sportklettern (Indoor und Outdoor), Alpine Routen
Farbe: Yellow
Material: weiches Rindsleder

Distinguishing features: sensitive, precise, structured. The perfect balance. Technical shoe with innovative closure, consisting of two Velcro straps with differentiated and opposite pull direction. Ideal for multi-purpose use in the mountains, crags and bouldering. The successful combination of synthetic and natural materials provides the best compromise between comfort, technical performance and inalterability in the long run. A special midsole with prehensile area under the toe provides optimal edging support, increasing sensitivity. Plus Multifunctional shape and fit; perfect for all types of climbing. Upper in microfiber in the front to maintain its characteristicsm over time. The anterior part of the sole has no lining to allow for enhanced sensitivity and grip. Fitting – While it isn’t a black or white issue, a general rule dictates that soft shoes require a tighter fit, two to three sizes smaller than your street shoe size. We recommend you fit your trad shoes one to two sizes under your street shoe size. A thick midsole creates a platform on which you stand, while a slip-lasted slipper-type shoe relies on your crammed toes to create an edging platform. Once you determine your needs, try on several boots in that genre. Different last types fit different feet — that’s why we make lots of lasts. If it feels good, it probably is. Remember to factor in stretch. Unlined slip-lasted shoes tend to stretch a bit more than lined shoes — about one full size. Lined shoes stretch about a half size. Remember: a well-fit comfortable shoe will work better than an ill-fitting tighter shoe.
Einsatzbereich: Sportklettern (Indoor und Outdoor), Alpine Routen
Farbe: Yellow
Material: weiches Rindsleder
Sohle: Vibram XS, 4mm, durchgehende Zwischensohle: LaSpoFlex 1,1mm
Leisten: Leicht assymmetrisch mit spitz zulaufender, symmetrischer Zehenbox

This post was originally published on 16/10/2020.

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